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Carla Wasserthal


Carla Wasserthal

Title: Untouchable

Description: ‘Untouchable’ is a representation of the networks and veins of society. Photographic waste is used as an instrument of visual communication to reflect humanity’s commitment towards ecological reconstruction. These layers of disposed visuals, found in an educational environment, document the learners’ basic struggle to succeed and proceed.

The stitch connects and contains the alternative use of the ‘fibre’ of mass civilization. ‘Untouchable’ aims to recycle this waste with needle and thread, linking external motion with internal emotion.

The eye focuses as a reminder to demolish and construct simultaneously. The hand symbolizes a single handed trigger of power while plotting the radius of continuum.

These layered and captured threads of life are webbed together to reconnect negative and positive expressions, exposing a recent past and direct future.

Dimensions: 25cm X 25cm

Materials: Photographic waste, cotton cloth, linen thread, synthetic hair.
Tearing, stitching, plaiting and painting.

Exhibition: Major Minors I

Price: NFS
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* Price excludes post and packaging.

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Carla Wasserthal

Carla Wasserthal

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