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Colleen Faulconbridge

Nona 2000

Nona 2000
Colleen Faulconbridge

Title: Nona 2000

Description: Halfway through my Fine Arts degree I realised that I needed to create beauty. My materials are the sewing machine and needles. Previously qualified as a fashion and interior designer, the natural progression to creating art with fabric was inherent.

This piece of work is dedicated to my grandmother who instilled within me a deep respect and love for work crafted by women.

Women create all the time, and the most important creation apart from the gift of life is the ability to create family. Through the nurturing process of touch women nurture their entire circle, and teach others the gift of reaching out. Although it is not exclusive to women, it is perfected and supported by women.

I endeavour to create works that celebrate the old-fashioned notion of female craft as a celebration of women themselves.

Dimensions: 25cm X 25cm

Materials: Textiles, fibres, fabric, drawing and painting media.

Exhibition: Major Minors I

Price: NFS
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Colleen Faulconbridge

Colleen Faulconbridge

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